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Response from State Delegate Ben Kramer

Below is an email that I received from State Delegate Ben Kramer in response to the dog bite law that was recently left unresolved by the Maryland General Assembly.  Attached to the email were two documents, pasted below.  The first appears to be a position piece and the second is a letter from Del. Kramer […]

My second letter regarding the Maryland dog law

Well blog friends … it’s been a long time since we last caught up.  To those of you that follow us on Facebook, you’ve been able to see that life with McMuffin and Reese is still awesome as ever, but sadly the blog has been left to be overtaken by weeds for the past few […]

Bully Sticks!

McMuffin here to tell you that our mom just gave us the BEST surprise everrrrr! So she walks in from the grocery store with her packages as usual and she looked at us with a big smile. Reese leaned over and told me that mom had some special treats for us so we scooted up […]