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Summer is for Sprinklin’

Reese and McMuffin are pretty bummed the local pool has a no pups policy and are growing rather bored of the makeshift baby pool in the back yard.  So what can we do to cool off, keep them exercising, and make ourselves laugh at the same time? SPRINKLERS!!!!!!!! We ran to Home Depot and picked […]

Summertime naps

It has been HOT HOT HOT here in the DC area over the past week. Reese and Muffin have decided that summertime heat calls for lots of napping in the air conditioning. They requested to use today’s post to teach  everyone all of the ways to take a comfy summertime nap. Here they are: Reese […]

And we’re back!

We apologize for being MIA over the past month or so … we’ve been super busy here at the Ranch. We’re looking forward to blogging again more regularly this summer and to catching everyone up with the adventures of Reese and Muffin. Here are a few things that have happened since we last blogged: 1. […]