Where your money goes:

Your donations help us to provide medical care, rehabilitate, feed and nurture the dogs while getting him/her ready for adoption. If you cannot adopt or foster at this time, then please consider a donation. Basic items needed such as food, metal bowls, bedding, crates, towels, and cleaning supplies. Monetary donations via PayPal or checks.

Donate Now

Every little bit helps:

  • $1 can buy a rope toy to play and use for training
  • $5 can buy a leash or collar
  • $10 can buy a training class, or a big bag of training treats
  • $20 can buy a sweater or a blanket for the winter
  • $30 can buy a large bag of dog food
  • $100 can spay or neuter one of our furry friends.
  • $500 fully sponsors one dog through the program at Jasmine’s House

Monthly Giving

Become a Pit Bull Hero by donating monthly.pit bull hero

  • I am ready to support the rescue and rehabilitation of these amazing dogs.
  • I am ready to support Project Mickey, the after school program for elementary school children.
  • I am ready to support enrichment for shelter dogs in distress.

This steady and dependable income allows us to concentrate the bulk of our efforts on the programs and the dogs.
As a thank you for your generous monthly support, at the end of each calendar year you will receive:

$10 and $18 – Pit Bull Hero sticker.
$25 and up – Pit Bull Hero shirt.

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