Foster Program

Foster homes allow Jasmine’s House to rescue dogs from a variety of situations by providing temporary care until they are adopted. We couldn’t help these dogs without the kindness of people opening their homes to fosters in need. It is an undeniably selfless and rewarding experience and it doesn’t come without its challenges, but we are here for any support that our foster homes need.

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Project Mickey

Project Mickey, our youth outreach program through Baltimore City Public Schools, aspires to build positive attitudes towards animals, pit bulls in particular, by providing:

  • Activities for children to strengthen use of vocabulary for expressing feelings
  • A safe space to express empathy, a necessary component for compassion towards others
  • Positive role models who can share their experiences and knowledge about animals
  • Fun and educational lessons on animal needs, communication, and training
  • Real life stories of animal abuse and neglect and the effects on people, animals and the community
  • Positive interactions with pre-screened dogs including opportunities to learn training techniques
  • Opportunities to collaborate with peers in teams and demonstrate individual interests and talents
  • A chance to use what they have learned to educate others and/or advocate on behalf of animals or organizations that support them

Target students:

  • Approximately 15 5th grade students, with priority given to students who own pets, especially pit bulls
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Halle’s Enrichment Club

Pilot Launch: Spring 2014
Program Director: Traci Madson with Vicktory Dog Halle

​Long days of boredom can take their toll on shelter dogs, resulting in kennel stress and decreased adoptability, factors that increase a dog’s risks of not making it out of the shelter. Common issues for canine candidates are; leash or dog reactivity, poor impulse control, or depression and detachedness; common behaviors that significantly decrease a dog’s chance at adoption. Halle’s Enrichment Club pairs a volunteer Enrichment Specialist with one of those high-risk dogs to increase his or her adoptability.

Program Model:
Halle’s Enrichment club is piloting in 2013 and 2014 in several shelters in Utah. Our program is modeled after a combination of Handsome Dan’s Shelter Dog Enrichment program and Karen Pryor Academy’s Shelter Enrichment Curriculum. Halle’s Enrichment Specialists spend several hours each week of one-on-one time working with an assigned dog. They play; go for walks; train basic skills; and after each visit, the dog returns to its kennel with an enrichment activity like a stuffed Kong or puzzle toy. Halle’s Enrichment specialists go through several weeks of orientation to learn about dog handling, body language, behavior modification and how teach a dog basic manners. Ultimately, the goal for each dog is to reduce stress and pass the C.L.A.S.S., or Canine Life and Social Skills B. A. evaluation.

Each participating dog is provided a harness, collar and leash, bait bag, weeks worth of treats and an enrichment toy. That’s a lot of “stuff.” Please check out our Wish List if you would like to donate something to be used in this program.