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Joanie the Bear

Every dog gets a nickname or two, often earned by some endearing (or not so endearing) personality trait or behavior. Poppy gets crazy when she is excited and pops around, so we call her “Popponuts” Tilly had terrible gas when we transitioned her to the raw diet, so she occasionally gets called “Tilly Beans” or […]

Ridin’ in Style

Joanie loves the car! Here are a few the folks around town see her in: When working on the house, she can be seen cruising to Lowe’s in her 89 Chevy. Running errands with Foster mom? She is in the economical Chevy Cruze When she is going to see her admiring fans she rides in […]


Joanie jumped in the car with her treats and water ready to see all her friend’s at BARCStoberfest. For most of the day, she did what she does best, and sniffed every blade of grass in the park! She saw her Aunt Jenn too! Jenn picked her up from BARCS the day of her rescue. […]