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Joanie’s Boyfriend

Joanie and Kobe are soul mates. They must have known each other in a previous life, because they took to each other right away. I have not seen Joanie this comfortable around another dog or enjoy another dog’s company like she does Kobe’s. Kobe comes to play with Joanie during the day as he works […]

Joanie goes on a Date

You might have read over at Peace, Love, and Fostering about Kobe. He is with us for the week.  He is a very sweet dog and I have enjoyed having him. He and Joanie had a great day! They played this morning, enjoyed a big turkey bone, and went on a hike on the C […]

Sampson’s Journey

We have a mix of personalities with our four dogs.   Ernie and Copper don’t like puppies, Copper likes all adult dogs that will play nice with him, Ernie only likes adult female dogs, Tilly doesn’t like anyone except her brothers, and Poppy only likes puppies. So that leaves about every option out.  However, there are […]