Foster Application

I agree to the following care to the foster animal owned by Jasmine’s House Rescue:
• The foster animal will not visit any dog park areas or any other areas to play off or on leash.
• The foster animal will not be off leash at any time while outside unless in the fenced in area of yard of residence that the foster animal is being fostered.
• Jasmine’s House foster animals will not be cared for by another person living outside of residence unless Jasmine’s House is notified and that person is approved.
• IF THERE IS ANY CHANGE IN BEHAVIOR OR ILLNESS WITH THE FOSTER ANIMAL BELONGING TO JASMINE’S HOUSE, THE FOSTER CARE CONTACT WILL BE NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY. Changes in behavior may include; nipping or biting, any aggressive or potentially aggressive dangerous behavior, going potty in the house, excessive barking, lethargy, pacing, or panting out of character.
• If foster animal can no longer be cared by foster home, Jasmine’s House will be notified immediately. Foster animal will only be surrendered to Jasmine’s House Rescue.
• You agree to allow us to visit your home to check on the care and well-being of foster animal. Foster may not adopt animal unless an adoption contract from Jasmine’s House is signed and approved.

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