Love at First Sight?

For Thoughtful Thursday: Valentine’s Day Edition, we asked, “How and when did you fall in love with your dog? Was it love at first sight from a picture and a bio? Did you meet them and know they were the one? Or did it grow slowly as you got to know each other?”

Reading through the responses, many people fell in love with their dog before they even met face-to-face:


JH Alumni (and professional goofball) Chief was a “love at first sight” boy.

Mary N.: “I saw my dog Charlie on the Sunday morning local news during one of those shelter segments they do. I had a 14 y/o cat, and no prior plans on getting a dog. I was parked in the shelter’s parking lot, waiting for them to open later that same day. I pretty much haunted that place until they let me take him home two weeks later. It’s been nine years since that day, and he is still my best friend and doggy soul mate.”

While others fell in love right at that first meeting:

Sherry D.: “At the Agoura Shelter. Shadow was jumping up and down like a kangaroo. Then he stopped and smiled at me. That was it, that smile! <3″

A few people took a bit longer – foster “failures”, a boyfriend’s dog, and integrating adult dogs into a home and getting to know one another:


JH Alumni Poppy was a “foster failure” – her family couldn’t imagine her anywhere else!

Diana B.: “My foster fail Sidney snuck his way into my heart via my other dog, Milo. They became the best of friends and i couldn’t think about letting him go.”

Amanda M.: Ginger was older when we adopted her so she took a little more time to figure out where she wanted to fit into the pack. Her snuggles were more on her terms but when she gave them, we knew she meant it thus the bond & love grew. The fact that she purrrrrssss when she’s happy certainly doesn’t hurt her cuteness factor.”

While these stories suggest that many, if not most dogs go home because of a “love at first sight” moment, remember that we asked “how did you fall in love with your dog?” – not, “how many dogs did you meet before you found yours?” – or, “did you fall in love with a picture only to have it not work out?”

At Jasmine’s House, we pride ourselves on making good matches between dogs and their forever families. In 2012, we had a less than three percent return rate! This means we match active dogs with active families; reserved dogs with laid back families; puppies with people who are home the majority of the day; and our special needs dogs with people who fully understand how to work with their new family member.

For people looking to expand their canine family, we suggest looking past the picture to the dog’s bio. Sure, you have physical preferences – we all do! But maybe that black dog is amazing with your kids, and the gorgeous blue would prefer a quiet home. You may fall in love with a picture, and that’s fine! But it’s the dog behind the pretty face that will be living with you for the rest of their lives. Make sure it’s the right dog for your home!

Sinclair is still looking for someone to fall in love with him and his ball!

Sinclair is still looking for someone to fall in love with him and his ball (and his ears!)!

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