Found a Dog?

If you find a stray dog with no identification follow these steps:

  1. Take the dog to your local shelter or vet so that they can scan the dog for a microchip; hopefully you’ll locate the owner.
  2. If there is no microchip and you are unable to keep the dog safe with you, make flyers with dog’s picture and information and post in and around the area where he or she was found.
  3. Contacting your local shelters and report the found dog
  4. If you cannot keep the dog, ask friends if they can help. If no one is able to help take him or her to your local shelter. The shelter will hold the dog for several days before he or she can go up for adoption or is euthanized. You can ask to be notified once the 5 days are up, and if nobody has claimed the dog you normally have the option to pick the dog back up in lieu of euthanasia.
  5. If you have a little extra room and want to help, after you have notified shelters, vets and put posters up and nobody claims the dog, Jasmines’s House Inc. can try to help you find a home for the dog with him or her under your care as a foster.

Please see the Foster Program Pages to learn more about our foster program.