Often you want your pit bull to “just wait a second!” Maybe you don’t want him mugging you while you put his food bowl down, or charging through a door ahead of you. Maybe you want to make sure to have time to grab her leash before she jumps out of the car. Teach your pit bull to “wait” and you will find yourself using it often!

  1. Stand in front of a doorway with your dog. You should practice this at home both on and off leash. Wave your hand in front of your dog – like a windshield wiper – and say “wait”. If you are at a closed door, start to open the door. If you are at a doorway, start to walk through.
    • If you can turn the knob/take a step without the dog moving, say “OK!” and cheerful jog through the door. As you practice, make her wait for longer before releasing her.
    • If the dog moves, close the door (if applicable), take a step backwards and reset. Continue until the dog realizes that moving means you back up, and staying still means he is released to come with you.
  2. Stand in front of your dog with a bowl of food. You can ask her to sit, but you don’t have to. Ask her to wait and slowly move the bowl towards the floor about a foot or so away from her. If she stands up/moves forward, lift the bowl back up out of her reach. Repeat until you can get the bowl all the way to the ground, then say “OK!” and let her eat.
  3. If your dog is in the car or in his crate, say “wait” and slowly open the door. If he starts to move forward, close the door and reset. Make sure not to close it on any body parts! Repeat until you can open the door all the way with the dog waiting, then say “OK!” and release him.


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