Thoughtful Thursday: DNA Tests

For Thoughtful Thursday last week, we asked, “Here’s a fun one – have you done a DNA test on your dog? What were the results? Predictable, or outrageous? If you haven’t, what are some of the funniest things strangers have guessed your dog is? (We knew a white German Shepherd once whose owner was asked ‘Is that a pit bull?’)”

DNA tests are a lot of fun! I think those of us who have pit bulls really like them because if you look up the definition of a pit bull in 37 different state laws, you get 37 different definitions. Not even pit bull advocates can agree on what to call a pit bull!

Jasmine’s House loosely defines a pit bull as a dog that could be discriminated against based on his looks, whether is be walking your dog down the street or securing a rental property. So our dogs that have come through the program have looked very different, yet the same.

Take adoptable Sinclair and Isis. Isis came through our program last summer and her mom recently did a DNA test on her. Sinclair’s results came back as mostly unknown mixes with some Whippet, Boxer, and American Staffordshire Terrier. Isis’s came back as 100% American Staffordshire Terrier. I guess Jasmine’s House can’t claim we have never had a pure breed come through the rescue!

Isis, now Molly, came back as 100% AmStaff. DNA tests are reliable for first and second generation mixes ... after that, they can get silly!

Isis, now Molly, came back as 100% AmStaff. DNA tests are reliable for first and second generation mixes … after that, they can get silly!

Here are two examples of people having their dog listed as a pit bull, when they seemingly possessed stronger traits of a different breed:

Colleen P.:  We did one for fun and my dog, who’d been labeled a pit mix at the shelter, came back as 25% border collie (not a big surprise since she has a little border collie muzzle), 25% German Short-Hair Pointer, and 50% unknown. So we still don’t know where she got her beautiful brindle coat!

Candice K. : Not yet, but i do have an amusing breed guess on my most-certainly-not-a-pittie mix. “pit-collie right?” Mind you, Phoebe is long legged, extremely narrow shouldered and extremely narrow chested, w a narrow long face, long fur, fluffy ears tail and bloomers, and a low slung booty typical of many herding breeds. He was a nice guy, but what part of that says pitbull to you? I guess he thot she had to be a pittie because she also is a lickaholic and an over exhuberant greeter.

One thing we do know, is that every dog that comes into Jasmine’s House has a clean slate. We don’t put restrictions on what kind of home they should have until we get to know them as an individual. We don’t make rules of no small children, no small animals, only a fenced in yards, or any other things that could keep them from finding their perfect home. So the next time you see a dog that you are interested in, don’t ask, “Is that a pit bull”, but instead ask about all the traits that you are looking for!

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  1. We have 2 mutts, both of which we have done the test on. We did the cheek swab test, which is slightly less accurate, I think. It was funny! Our bigger dog (60lbs) came back as chow, American hairless terrier, and Irish Wolfhound, but just great grandparents. And our smaller dog (40lbs) came back as lab, golden great grandparents. And that was all we got! It was interesting and totally unsatisfying at the same time.

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