Why Pit Bulls?

Baxter waiting for his forever home.

They need us. We love them.

Pit bulls have traveled from days of being common family pets – you can find many historical photos of families posing with their pit bulls! – to being targeted, feared, and legislated against. As pit bulls flood the shelter system, their chances of a happy ending become slimmer. There are only so many homes for these spunky, energetic, tenacious and fun-loving dogs, and they don’t do well caged in a shelter for weeks on end (who would?). For many, their only hope of getting out is being pulled by a rescue group who can put them in a foster home, train them, love them, and find the perfect home.

There are many reasons that shelters are overflowing with pit bulls. There is an abundance of negative and unjustified myths and stereotypes of pit bulls. Insurance companies often won’t insure pit bulls (or other stigmatized breeds), and some areas go so far as to ban pit bulls entirely. We come across too many current and prospective owners that ultimately have their hands tied by breed bans. The recent economic crunch hasn’t helped either; so many families have lost their jobs, and then their homes and found themselves moving to places where their dogs aren’t allowed.

Nationally, a huge amount of pit bulls who enter the shelter system don’t make it out again. Spaying and neutering isn’t as widespread as you may think, so many accident litters enter the system. There are too many of them already, and with the breed bans and stigma many purposefully bred litters also end up in shelters.

Baxter at Montgomery County Humane Society

At Jasmine’s House, we believe that many of these dogs deserve a chance to shine, a chance that many have never dreamed of until a volunteer shows up to take them out of the shelter and deliver them to fostercare. They blossom with a routine, regular exercise, good nutrition, positive training, and a loving temporary family. We pride ourselves in saving as many solid tempered, friendly, wonderful family companions as we can in the hopes that some day shelters will no longer have to put these amazing dogs down because they have no more space.

Bella & Baxter

We know them. We love them. We want to world to love them again.

So, why pit bulls?

Why not?